Black and white side view portrait of woman with earring curation

How To Curate Your Earrings

By anchoredartsadmin | May 12, 2023

  Curating your earrings isn’t just about mixing & matching your favourite pieces. It’s a deliberate combination of multiple earrings that complement each other in a particular style or theme. Learn how to master the art of earring curation with our simple design rules and style advice. Here are our top tips on how to […]

Do Body Piercings Leave Scars?

By anchoredartsadmin | April 26, 2023

  You’re somewhere between the four to eight week mark for your new body piercing. But something’s not right. There’s a bump. It’s firm, quite thick and it’s a pink or red colour. It might even feel itchy or a little painful. Chances are, you’re looking at some hypertrophic scarring. But don’t start your Google […]

How To Communicate Your Vision To Your Tattoo Artist

By anchoredartsadmin | March 27, 2023

  Not properly communicating your vision to your artist usually tops the list for tattoo regrets. Afterall, it’s not just up to tattoo professionals to deliver an exceptional end result. Without a clear vision to base their work on, you could easily end up with a tattoo that’s worlds away from what you wanted. Here’s […]

A pair or blue and green ocean/wave design spiral ear stretchers/tapers, sitting on the sand on the Sunshine Coast

The Most Painful Places On Your Body To Pierce

By anchoredartsadmin | January 11, 2023

  Ready to get your first or next piercing? Read our guide and know what to expect when choosing which part of your body to pierce. Of course, everyone will have a different experience with piercing depending on their tolerance to pain, level of anxiety at the time and their body type. Here are a […]

Can Tattoos Cover Scars?

By anchoredartsadmin | October 26, 2022

  A common question we’re often asked is whether a tattoo can cover up a scar. Whether from injury, illness, or self-imposed, many people are looking for an effective cover-up solution that will bring back their confidence. The short answer to this question is yes, a tattoo is an effective way to hide or reduce […]

Black and white bald eagle back tattoo on man

How Do Tattoos Heal?

By anchoredartsadmin | October 18, 2022

  The tattoo healing process can be deceptive. While your tattooed skin may look healed within 2–3 weeks, it may be months before the deeper tissue fully recovers. Remember, everyone will experience the stages of healing differently depending on the size of the tattoo, where it’s placed and the diligence of your care routine. While […]

Black and white flaming skull hand tattoo on man

The Most Painful Places to Get a Tattoo

By anchoredartsadmin | July 29, 2022

  With any tattoo, you will expect some level of discomfort. However, there are some areas of the body that are more painful to get inked than others. In general, the body parts which store less fat are the most painful to get tattooed, as they don’t provide that extra layer of fatty protection that […]

Coloured red rose and owl sleeve tattoo

How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo: Tattoo Aftercare Guide

By anchoredartsadmin | July 29, 2022

  Congratulations on your brand new tattoo! If performed by one of our talented tattoo artists, your healing process should be easy and smooth. You should always follow the care instructions provided by your tattoo artist, but this guide will outline some of the simple and effective ways to care for your body art. There […]

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