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Express your individuality and make a statement with dermal body piercings. As one of the most creative forms of piercing, dermal body jewellery can be applied to any flat part of the skin. Your body is your canvas! 

Anchored Arts collection of dermal jewellery pieces are comfortable and kind to your skin – made with surgical stainless steel and gold plating for a premium finish.

We have a variety of colours and designs to choose from in different piercing sizes, including 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. Our dermal jewellery can be used for all kinds of popular microdermal piercings, including:

  • Face Dermal Piercing
  • Navel Dermal Piercing
  • Finger Dermal Piercing
  • Chest Dermal Piercing
  • Hips and Lower back Dermal Piercing
  • Neck Dermal Piercing


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