What Is Body Piercing Rejection?

Closeup of the side of a man's face with ear piercings and wireless earbuds.

Body Piercing Rejection 101

Piercings are like a complete stranger asking to enter your body’s home – uninvited. The majority of body piercings will happily coexist with your body, but within a week, you’ll know whether your latest piercing is unwelcome. Piercing rejection happens because it’s your body’s full-time job to protect itself, and a piercing is a foreign object that could easily be seen as a threat. 

The Symptoms of Piercing Rejection 

How do you know if your latest body piercing is being rejected by your body? The clearest indicator is whether your piercing has moved from its original position. The entrance (and exit) holes would have become larger as your body works to eject the piercing. As your piercing continues to be forcibly pushed out of your skin, it will start to droop and hang loosely. More subtle indicators include flaky, red, peeling, or generally irritable skin around your new body jewellery

How Common Is Piercing Rejection? 

While horror news stories and grisly photos stick with us, piercing rejection isn’t as common as you’d think. In fact, infection and keloids are far more common complications. But you should be aware that rejection is more likely in surface piercings like belly button, eyebrow, nape, and hip piercings.  

Can You Prevent Piercing Rejection? 

Following your aftercare routine could reduce the chance of your piercing being rejected but this is by no means a bullet-proof solution. If your body is continually rejecting your piercings, try a different material, as some body types are particularly sensitive or allergic to certain jewellery metals. But a lot of factors leading to piercing rejection are largely out of your control, including genetics, significant weight changes such as pregnancy, and high levels of stress, as this can weaken your immune system. 

Choose Your Body Piercer Carefully 

A professional and experienced body piercer will discuss with you the best places for your newest piercings and the aftercare regime you’ll need to follow to help the wound heal. Get in touch with our experienced Sunshine Coast body piercer at Anchored Arts for an exceptional piercing experience. 

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