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Plugs, Tunnels & Gauges for Stretched Ears

Buy quality tunnels, plugs and ear gauges online with Australia-wide delivery at Anchored Arts. Our wide range of plugs covers a broad variety of stretched piercing sizes, from 6mm up to 25mm.

We have plugs that feature semi-precious stones, flowers, tribal patterns, and even clear designs. That’s just to name a few! We have something for everyone. Pick one plug (or two, or three!) that matches your unique style.

Our selection includes the most popular styles of tunnel and gauges including spiral tapers, stone saddle plugs, wood plugs, and screw fit tunnels. Our online store includes jewellery made of various materials, including acrylic, silicone, wood and surgical steel.

Order Plugs & Tunnels Online in Australia

Show off your unique flair with high-quality plugs and body jewellery for your stretched ears. Get it delivered to your doorstep -online ordering and delivery throughout Australia is available at Anchored Arts.

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