Your Guide To Fine Line Tattoos


What Are Fine Line Tattoos? 

Fine line tattooing creates delicate, thin designs that are applied with smaller needles. The fine line trend is spreading like wildfire around the globe, with each design more intricate than the next. So why the fuss? Simply, fine line tattoos are considered more sophisticated and polished than heavier tattoo art. They’re less intrusive, easier to cover if the occasion calls for it, and are being popularised by our favourite celebrities.

Why You Should Choose Fine Line Tattoos 

Pain Factor 

We’re talking tattoos without the pain! Well, almost. Fine line tattoos are significantly less painful than the traditional, larger tattoo designs due to the smaller needles used. Sometimes, it may only take one needle to do the job. If you hesitate at the idea of getting a shoulder, sleeve, leg, or arm tattoo because of the weeks of potentially painful healing, consider getting a fine line tattoo instead.  

Time To Heal 

Good news! Fine line tattoos are the fastest to heal. The smaller surface area of the open wound and minimal trauma to the skin mean they can more easily dodge the risk of infection. As a general rule, it should take 2–3 weeks for your fine line tattoo to heal. Of course, this depends on the scale of the design, its location, your body’s reaction, and your care routine (remember to whip out your After Art cream!).

Do Fine Line Tattoos Last? 

Yes and no. Fine line tattoos can look faded and dull on the skin, sometimes disappearing into a blurry shadow! But like any tattoo, its longevity depends on where you place it, how you care for it, and how well it was tattooed in the first place. A professional tattoo artist will advise you to avoid areas like your ankles or fingers, as they are high-contact areas that are likely to wear the tattoo. They will also steer you away from red or yellow designs, as these colours have the most unpredictable reactions and can look lost on the majority of skin types. Yellow in particular is hard to read and can create an unintended sickly, bruised appearance. 

Most Popular Fine Line Tattoos 

Lettering takes first place for the most requested fine line tattoo designs – with names, quotes, memories, and proverbs. For women in particular, flora and fauna are incredibly popular: with flowers, birds, sea creatures, and mammals. Trend chasers will also testify to the rising popularity of astrological fine line designs. But like all trends, they rise and fall like waves, so go with your gut and choose a fine line tattoo that you can fall in love with. 

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