The Most Painful Places On Your Body To Pierce

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Ready to get your first or next piercing? Read our guide and know what to expect when choosing which part of your body to pierce. Of course, everyone will have a different experience with piercing depending on their tolerance to pain, level of anxiety at the time and their body type. Here are a few proven places on the body where getting a piercing may make you squeal.

Why Are Some Places More Painful?    

It all comes down to nerves. The more nerve endings there are in the area being pierced, the more painful that piercing will be. So let’s break down the following areas you can pierce on your body with the greatest potential for pain. 

Genital Piercings 

Piercing your genitals is known to be one of the most painful piercing you can get for both men and women. As one of the areas of the body with the most nerve endings, genital piercings are not for the faint–hearted. Make sure to be well-rested and wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment. 

Nipple Piercing 

As a sensitive, concentrated area of nerves, the pain from nipple piercings can be intense. But the level of pain is not the same for everybody and it all depends on your nipple sensitivity. You can expect the immediate pain of piercing to last only a few seconds, while your nipples will remain tender for a few days. 

Septum Piercings 

Septum jewellery pierces the thin layer of tissue which separates your nostrils. Piercing this part of your body will often result in a sharp, stinging pain that will last for a short period of time. The good news is that this type of piercing heals quickly given the thinness of the tissue. When it comes to septum piercings, using a professional piercer will make all the difference. A body piercer who knows what they’re doing can make a septum piercing feel only like you need to sneeze. 

Dermal Piercings

When it comes to dermal piercings, your body is your canvas. Depending on where you choose to pierce your body, penetrating through multiple layers of skin is reasonably painful. In particular, dermal piercings on the neck and back can cause a sharp pinching sensation. 

Tips For Reducing The Pain

Choose The Right Piercer 

The difference between having a relaxing piercing experience & telling the story of your piercing nightmare depends largely on your piercer. Make sure to choose a piercer who is both professional and experienced to minimise the level of pain during the piercing process & afterwards. Don’t hold back discussing any questions or concerns you might have before getting your piercing done. 

Be Well–Rested & Relaxed 

Being sleep deprived will actually lower your tolerance level to pain while increasing your body’s sensitivity to it. The same can be said for being anxious and stressed. Before your piercing appointment, do something which relaxes your mind & body. Think yoga, listening to your favourite music or spending time cuddling your pets. 

Maintain An Aftercare Regime 

Once your body has been pierced, it’s up to you to take care of your new piercing. Like any open wound, the place pierced is vulnerable to infection if not treated properly. You can reduce the level of pain and overall healing time by maintaining the aftercare regime recommended by your body piercer. 

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