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At Anchored Arts Tattoo Parlour, we value the design preferences and personal taste of our clients. We encourage our clients to share their ideas with our tattoo artists beforehand in order to give them enough time to collaborate with you. Too much information is always better than not enough! All of our artists bring a unique skill set to the studio and we assign the designs and styles of customers to our artists based on their creative expertise. Every detail of your design will be given due attention and we will walk you through every step of the design process.

Booking Your Tattoo Appointment

It is preferable that you book your appointment by calling the studio directly or sending us a message via Facebook or Instagram. When you make your booking, please ensure you provide the studio with the following information:  


  • Your first name, last name & mobile phone number.
  • Preferred dates or days for your appointment *Please provide several, as your first choice may not be available.
  • Any reference photos or images that help to explain your ideas.
  • Description of the design idea, including any elements you like and whether you want color or black and grey.    
  • Also a photo of the area to be tattooed can sometimes be helpful.
  • Rough size in centimeters *please keep in mind our artists will only tattoo at a size that will age well and is appropriate for the detail (Generally speaking, bigger is better!)
  • It is to the artist’s discretion whether they take appointments on Sundays. 
  • Weekends are usually more popular, so we advise that you book further in advance. 

"Eddy went above and beyond for my mermaid tattoo, I had a vision of what it would look like and he smashed my expectations out of the park! Such a lovely, friendly and amazing artist, already planning the rest for him to complete for me, love his style! 100% would recommend! The shop is also very clean and neatly set out, was made to feel very welcome and would definitely go back over and over!" Becca S

Tattoo Pricing

We offer no-obligation, free consultations prior to booking; please contact us directly to discuss your potential tattoo, as we cater to each client’s individual needs. Each artist may charge a different rate, whether it be by the artwork as a whole or by the hour. By getting in touch with us we can give you an estimated quote and rough timeframe to complete your tattoo based on the information you provide.

Anchored Arts Tattoo Parlour Policies

  • All appointments are required to pay a deposit to secure your booking. Bookings are not confirmed until deposits are made.
  • Deposits can be paid by EFT or cash. You will be given EFT details once a date has been set.
  • Anchored Arts Tattoo Parlour has a strict 48 hour cancellation policy. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment within this time frame, your deposit will be voided.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Any form of abuse will NOT be tolerated.

Tattoo Aftercare

Your fresh tattoo is an open wound. Everyone heals differently and every artist has their own recommended care regimen. Caring for your new tattoo is relatively easy and straightforward. The goal is always to:


  1. Speed up healing   
  2. Prevent infection
  3. Make your tattoo last


The below information should be used as a guide, always follow the instructions given by your artist:

  • Leave your tattoo covered overnight with the protective film applied at the time of completing your tattoo.
  • Gently clean the tattooed area, lightly wiping in a circular motion with warm water using unscented soap *This should be done no more than 2 times per day, preferably in the shower.
  • Pat your tattoo dry once it is cleaned, preferably using a paper towel *DO NOT rub the skin.
  • Allow the area to then air-dry for 30-60 minutes.
  • You may choose to purchase our All Natural After Art - Superior Tattoo After Care following your tattoo.
  • Repeat the above steps during the healing process (usually 10-14 days).
  • DO NOT scratch or pick at the flaking/scabbing skin on your healing tattoo.
  • NO direct sunlight or soaking in water of any kind for 2 weeks.
  • Ensure your bedding and clothing are clean as you want to minimise any possibility of infection *It is preferable to use darker coloured bed sheets/clothing as your tattoo wound will leak fluid as the skin is healing, usually 2-3 days following your appointment. Once your tattoo is healed head back into the studio so our artist can take a photo of your healed work!

Preparing for Your Tattoo

How healthy and well looked after your skin is may affect how it reacts to being tattooed. Here are some tips and hints to enhance your tattoo experience and final product:   


  • Keep well hydrated 24-48 hours leading up to your appointment. 
  • Shave the area you will be getting tattooed if it is obstructed by body hair the day of your appointment *Ensure you take care in doing so as any cuts or abrasions to the area may stop you from being tattooed.
  • Sunburnt skin will NOT be tattooed.
  • Make sure you have eaten prior to your appointment to ensure your blood sugar level is safe. This will minimise the chances of you fainting during your appointment.
  • Wear clean and comfortable clothing to your appointment.

If you have any queries related to any of the preparation or aftercare, contact us

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