How To Curate Your Earrings

Black and white side view portrait of woman with earring curation


Curating your earrings isn’t just about mixing & matching your favourite pieces. It’s a deliberate combination of multiple earrings that complement each other in a particular style or theme. Learn how to master the art of earring curation with our simple design rules and style advice. Here are our top tips on how to make your earring curation look divine. 

The 2:3 Ratio Rule 

To never go wrong with an earring curation, follow the 2:3 ratio rule. Half the battle of achieving that perfect curation is balancing the earrings on the top of your ear, with those at the bottom. So if you have two earrings in your lobe, then wear only three at the top for your helix, forward helix, and industrial piercings. Afterall, your curation will look best with spacing between your earrings to avoid them looking overcrowded.

Matching Metal 

To have a visually balanced and consistent theme, you’ll need to pick a metal and stay true to it. As a general rule, light and paler skin tones suit silver and white gold, while warmer and darker skin tones suit rich gold and rose gold jewellery. Though you’re perfectly welcome to shake things up if you already have your own style! Ultimately, you’ll want to choose metals that compliment your skin tone. Want to match more than metal? You can also curate your earrings with matching semi-precious stones or themes, like the ocean, constellations, movies, or animals. 

Weight & Style 

You can keep things simple by choosing either a visually heavy or delicate style for your earring curation. For a heavier style, go for thicker hoops, industrial earrings and wider stud designs. For a more delicate earring curation, choose from smaller studs, thin hoops and fine chains. You can even emphasise your delicate style by spacing your earrings farther apart for a more elegant curation.  

Less or More 

Don’t feel pressured to treat both your ears as a canvas! You might only choose to curate one ear and leave the other blank, or with only a simple jewellery piece. If minimalism isn’t for you, be a maximalist and plan a stacked curation for both your ears. Earring curations may be the trend, but don’t be afraid to be your own trend setter. Less or more, it’s up to you! Get in touch with our expert body piercer for more information.


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